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Wanna go for a walk? - Our guide to a safe walk with your pup

Embarking on a stroll with your furry friend is one of the highlights of the day, filled with joy, fresh air, and bonding. However, ensuring your dog's safety during walks is paramount. It is something we tend to forget when our pup grows up and a routine takes place.

At Peachy Dogs, we care deeply about the well-being of your canine companions. Here are some of our essential tips to make every walk a safe and enjoyable experience for both of you!

Dog Mom Walking Set
Proper Gear Fit

Whether you opt for a collar or harness, choosing the right one for your dog is crucial. They must feel comfortable while walking, playing, running, basically letting them just be dogs while keeping them secured during your walk. Our collar and classic 2.0 harness are specifically designed to offer the best fit without compromising on safety and style.

Our sturdy and waterproof leash has an appropriate length to give your dog some freedom while maintaining control. It features a snap hook at both ends to keep your walks smooth even if your pup has a hard time with leash etiquette. Speaking of…

For Those Who Pull…

Dogs of all ages may have some trouble with heeling. We’re not judging but we have your and their best interest at heart. This is why our Classic 2.0 harness features a D-ring at the front. Strategically placed on the chest, this deters your dog from pulling so you can enjoy the best of your stroll.

ID is not optional

A secure collar with an ID tag containing your contact information is crucial in case your pup ever goes on an unexpected adventure. There are many dog tag options that fit your preferences and needs: waterproof, built-in GPS system, 3-D printed, you name it! So no excuses, make sure to get one for your dog!

Dog Harness + ID close-up

Reflective Gear for Visibility

If you enjoy evening walks, consider using reflective accessories. Attach a reflective leash or collar to ensure both you and your dog are visible to passing vehicles. Safety first, especially when daylight starts to fade. We can also go for a rechargeable LED light that you can attach to the leash. Easy-peasy!

Mindful your environment

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable walk requires more than just a leash. Your dog relies on you to guide them safely through the walk and remaining alert to your surroundings is essential while walking your dog and keeping an eye out for anticipating potential hazards is a must. Distracted walking increases the risk of missing important cues from your dog. Stay attuned to their body language, signals, and reactions to the environment. A sudden change in behavior could indicate discomfort, fear, or excitement. Texting while walking may seem harmless, but it takes your attention away from the path ahead. So headphones and phones down and eyes up!

This way to gear your pup up! ➔

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