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Introducing Astrology for Pups by Peachy Dogs

Introducing Astrology for Pups by Peachy Dogs

While astrology has made its place in our daily lives, we thought it was time we talk about astrology for pups. Afterall, every dog parents wants to know what the stars has aligned for their pups! We are so happy to introduce you your new favorite monthly content - Astrology for Pups ✨


Astrology Pups - Australian Shepherd Close Up

Each zodiac season (each month), we will publish a new blog all about a specific zodiac sign. 

What kind of content can you expect:

  • The sign's main traits and characters
  • Dog breeds usually related to this sign
  • Your favorite Peachy Dogs product based on your sign
  • And so many other fun facts

Astrology Pups - Crystals and Lights


While we know astrology is a very vast subject, we will mainly focus on the zodiac signs without taking ourselves too seriously. We can't wait to share with you the first sign of the season - Pisces.

In the meantime, let us know which sign is your pup in the comment!