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Meet the Cancer Zodiac Pup: A Caring and Intuitive Companion

Meet the Cancer Zodiac Pup: A Caring and Intuitive Companion

Cancer: June 21 - July 22

It's officially Cancer's season and it's time to shed light on their sensitive nature, unwavering loyalty, and nurturing spirit. Keep reading to learn more about your Cancer pup.

Cancer Zodiac Dog Sign

Cancer zodiac dogs are known for their remarkable sensitivity and emotional depth. They have an intuitive nature that allows them to sense and empathize with the emotions of their human. Cancer's pups are great to provide comfort and support, offering a soothing presence during stressful times. 

An Unwavering Loyalty 

Loyalty is a defining trait of Cancer dogs. Once they form a bond with their human family, they remain fiercely devoted throughout their lives. They will do everything to protect their love ones.

A Natural Affinity for Water

As Cancer is a water sign, some Cancer zodiac dogs may have a natural affinity for water. They might enjoy activities like swimming or playing in shallow water. Cancer pups will love cooling bandanas as they will keep them cool during the hotter days.

Cooling dog bandanas

Natural-born Caretakers

Cancer zodiac dogs possess a nurturing and caring nature that sets them apart. They have a natural instinct to care for and protect not only their human family but also other animals around them. These pups often exhibit maternal behaviors, looking after younger pets or even displaying affection towards smaller creatures. Their nurturing instincts make them gentle and compassionate caretakers, spreading warmth and love wherever they go.

Our Cancer Ambassadors:

Our Cancer Zodiac Ambassadors

Jude: @judeandmylo / Shelby: @with.shelby


Finally, the Cancer dogs are able to form deep connections with their owner. They will give you boundless love and devotion.